Sky Horse (SUKAHO) Operations Department


The Nearest Station: 5 minutes walk from Kitasenju Station

Job Description: Advertisement SUKAHO in sales, article management and creation

Job Opening: Sales, IT

Contract Type: Full-time job (F) / 200,000 yen per month

       Part-time job (P) / 1,050 yen per hour

Working Hour: (F) 5 days a week / the actual working time: 8h

        (P) Shift work

Benefits: (F)(P)Supply of transportation expenses

Qualification: Qualifications related to IT / Japanese skill

* Experience not required

Strengths: <Welcome people like this!>

  • People who are creative
  • People who can accept opinions from others
  • People who can deal with changes the environment

How to Apply: After you applied through our form, we will contact with you by email and ask you to send resume and information we need.