Communityhouse Minamisenjyu


Room101 8 ㎡  ¥31,800(if more than 6 months of lease) No male entrance allowed. Smoking is prohibited.


5 minutes walk from Minami-Senju Station on the Hibiya Line
6 minutes walk from Minowa Station on the Hibiya Line
Hibiya Line, Joban Line, Tsukuba Express

Recommended points
A share house exclusively for calm women with 7 residents. Equipment is available so that you can move in easily.

What you can use in the common area: Oven toaster, microwave oven, 2 rice cookers, various tableware, 2 shower rooms, living room equipment, stove, 2 toilets with warm water toilet seat, 2 washing machines, etc.

What you have in your private room: Desk, chair, bed, refrigerator, closet, closet, storage, etc. are available in every individual room. The entrance is a number key type, TV monitor phone, so security is guaranteed.

The price shown is the amount you will be paying every month, which consists of monthly base rent + the maintenance fee of the common area/whole building. There will be an additional cost (such as deposit, cleaning fee, and/or key money, etc.) occurred for the first month of moving in; therefore,  the price for the first month will be higher than the price shown.

Some useful vocab:

賃料 means base rent
共益費 means maintenance fee/ common service fee
部屋 means room(s)
敷金/保証金 means deposit
礼金 means key money

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