Javerde Otanota ジェイヴェルデ大谷田


Room102  – 35 ㎡ – 2 residents max
Room101 – 35 ㎡ – 2 residents max
Room127 – 18 ㎡ – Only 1 resident allowed


15 minutes walk from Chiyoda Line North Ayase Station
Joban Line Kamei Station – Bus 5 minutes

[Visiting resumed from October 1]
[Good Design Award 2020 Winner Property]
The facility has won the Good Design Award for 2020!

The concept of “Javerde Otanota” is a “Reading complex”.
The theme of the contact between residents was held on the theme of the neighborhood association that started from the book. At the time of opening, about 1000 books is lined up with a bookshelf such as living dining and corridors. There are events that aim to communicate through bookshops and bookshop libraries.
In addition, in the corner house, a community lounge is provided as a place where tenants and community interaction can be achieved. In this space where the large kitchen and about 25 seats are arranged, we also plan information on books and cooking events.

No smoking
No Pet
Stay over require approvals
There are house rules

If you are interested, please visit us!

※Age limit roughly from 18 to 40 years old ※

Number of rooms
Male or female/ 28 rooms

※ Some female dedicated washbasin, washing machine, shower room, toilet available ※ IC card lock or smartphone lock at entrance and private rooms ※ The shower room, bathroom and toilet usage can be checked with an internal system.

The price shown is the amount you will be paying every month, which consists of monthly base rent + the maintenance fee of the common area/whole building. There will be an additional cost (such as deposit, cleaning fee, and/or key money, etc.) occurred for the first month of moving in; therefore,  the price for the first month will be higher than the price shown.

Some useful vocab:

賃料 means base rent
共益費 means maintenance fee/ common service fee
部屋 means room(s)
敷金/保証金 means deposit
礼金 means key money

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101, 102, 127