THE VALUE SHARED HOTEL – Takenotsuka Station


Room102 10.17 ㎡ Only for one resident
Room110  10.17 ㎡ Only for one resident
Room214  10.33 ㎡ Only for one resident
Room220  10.6 ㎡ Only for one resident
Room225 10.4 ㎡ Only for one resident
Room327 10.6 ㎡ Only for one resident
Room329 10.4 ㎡ Only for one resident


8 minutes walk from Takenotsuka Station on the Tobu Isesaki Line
26 minutes walk from Tobu Isesaki Line and other Nishiarai Stations

Campaign information
■ New normal campaign
Key money for 1 month → 0 yen
Rent for 1 month → 0 yen

■ Prompt decision campaign
Rent for 1 month → 0 yen
3,000 yen discount on monthly rent
Choice system!
* However, the application must be stated at the time of preview and the initial cost must be transferred within 2 weeks.
* Can be used with the New Normal Campaign

■ Internet cafe 90 minutes free campaign
Collaboration with Customer Cafe Group: 90 minutes free for residents and free buffet!

★ Share house trial experience ★
Recommended for those who are uneasy about the first share house or who want to live after knowing the atmosphere of the share house!
2-week plan → 30,000 yen only
1 month plan → 50,000 yen only

All rooms are private rooms and are the predecessor business hotel, so the walls are solid and soundproof.

You can see the Sky Tree from the roof and you can even dry your laundry.
The size of the living room in the basement is more than 70 tatami mats, there are multiple kitchens, and the theater room, Japanese-style room, relaxing space, party room, etc. are luxuriously made to overturn the image of a share house so far.

Gender sharing / 79 households / age limit
Contract fee Rent for 1 month (no refund) → Campaign does not apply. Cleaning fee 16,500 yen (tax included).
Re-contract fee 30,000 yen → Campaign does not apply.

There is a party room, play room, and theater room. The washing machine has a drying function. There is an auto lock on the roof at night. Available for bicycles * Up to 20 units. ¥ 3,300 (initial registration fee).

The price shown is the amount you will be paying every month, which consists of monthly base rent + the maintenance fee of the common area/whole building. There will be an additional cost (such as deposit, cleaning fee, and/or key money, etc.) occurred for the first month of moving in; therefore,  the price for the first month will be higher than the price shown.

Some useful vocab:

賃料 means base rent
共益費 means maintenance fee/ common service fee
部屋 means room(s)
敷金/保証金 means deposit
礼金 means key money

Contact us through the form below:

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Please use this form to inquire about information related to sharehouses.
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102, 110, 214, 220, 225, 318, 327, 329